3D Printing

No need to buy a 3d Printer to bring your project to life … you just design & we will make your design come true, all you have to do is to send or bring your (.STL) File to us.


- Price 10 to 12 LE Per (1 cm³ ) depends on material PLA or ABS.

- Our available to use materials are ABS & PLA. Other materials like wood, Carbon Fiber and Electrical conductive .. etc are available upon request.

Students Special/Flexible Pricing System per project

Our future is in your design … If you are a student and applied for our “Student Care System”
then you will get special prices that will match your small budget to see your project come to life
without sacrificing Quality or latest Tech components.

Technical Product/Project Support (Free For Students)

Facing technical trouble? Don’t worry contact us or Request a free call from our website, we are here to support you.

Electronics R&D Equipped Work-Space/Lab

Our Work-Space with all of its components are under your fingertips in one place.

Rework Stations

High Quality Tools (Antistatic)

Test/Measurement equipment

3d Capabilities

CAD Design Programs

Trade Account

If you are looking for Fixed Discount for our broad range and willing to achieve a sales target, then we will offer you an Agreement including

- Exceptional discount (according to your Sales volume target)

- Payment facility ( Restricted by our Terms and Conditions)

For any further inquiries about any Service, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.