Grand Solutions is the Development Distributor, your close partner that supports the technology community at every stage. From developing helping students and makers to helping professional engineers develop their ideas and products, we help community that benefits from our technology. Our solutions increase productivity and keep lines running developing our customers’ businesses .

Over 1 Million highest quality products available at your finger tips ( Stock Located in Egypt. Europe & USA )

New products added every week to support R&D and MRO Community.

Unparalleled customer service online, over the phone or in person.

24/7 tech support.

We develop your business by delivering the components you need to manufacture your products, automate industrial systems and ensure they are well maintained. From tape & reel services for components to supplying spares and consumables, we have been developing customers businesses for over 10 years.

We have the widest selection of components, boards, system level products, tools and test equipment for you to develop your products. With expert technical support, and custom development services, we help you develop your prototype sooner.

We help companies of all sizes, from start-up to global enterprises, including some of the worlds largest semiconductor companies develop their ideas. With the worlds largest selection of development kits, the latest components and informative resources, we are a vital element of research and design.

We inspire the next generation of engineers with our content, software and educational boards, enabling them to develop their future, while makers develop their dreams with our single board computers, software and components.

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